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some of the pictures don't have credit, because I didn't really acquire them in a solid form. >_< They are shown on search engines, but given a 404 when clicked on, so I just took screenshots and cropped them. :P


(credit to Visual Shock Therapy)

(old picture of Sharaku and Fukusuke with old bassist)

Metronome is a gamewave band, its influences including rock, techno and pop (also called cybernetic rock).

Sharaku Kobayashi - Vocal (Currently in FLOPPY, Muchi muchi Anago as well; Previous bands: Picopico PON, Propellerheads)

Birthday: August 10th
Height: 184 centimeters
Weight: 69 kilograms
Blood Type: A
Interesting Facts: Sharaku's favorite foods are chicken and egg on rice (Oyakodon) and fermented soybeans (Natto). He hates eggplants (Nasu). He favors Lark Mild tobacco, and his favorite kind of alcohol is beer. He likes being alone, and being with loved persons. He dislikes being around noisy places and hated persons.

Fukusuke - Guitar (Currently in ADAPTER as well; previously in Picopico PON, support for FLOPPY)

Birthday: December 9th
Height: 183 centimeters
Weight: 75 kilograms
Blood Type: O
Interesting Facts: Fukusuke's favorite foods are loin, hamburger, and spaghetti. He hates celery, cinnamon, and onion. He favors Malboro Light tobacco, and his favorite kind of alcohol is vodka. He likes noisy places and doesn't like being alone.

Riu - Bass (Currently in BEE-315 as well; previously in SPICY DRY HOT MUSTARD)

Birthday: June 1st
Height: 175 centimeters
Weight: 61 kilograms
Blood Type: B
Interesting Facts: Riu's favorite foods are Yakiniku (fried meat), mayonnaise, and sweets. He hates eggplants and Japanese Sake. He favors Malboro tobacco, and his favorite kind of alcohol is beer. He likes 'punpui' (being in charge), and 'Kuromatei' (high school). He dislikes full streets and procrastination.

Yuuichiro - Drums (Previously in Fill or Kill, FeNeK, BADxTIMING, Mind Break, CUVE)

Birthday: September 28th
Height: 186 centimeters
Weight: 68 kilograms
Blood Type: A
Interesting Facts: Yuuichiro's favorite foods are chocolate and meat, and he doesn't dislike any food in particular. He doesn't smoke, and his favorite kind of alcohol is beer. His favorite things are drinking liquor and drumming, and he doesn't dislike anything.

Ex members -

EyexGxA - Filled in for Fukusuke on guitar in 1998
Yazi - Played bass from 1998 to 1999
ASUKA hime - Filled in for Yazi in 1998
Kei - Filled in for ASUKA hime in 1998 and 1999
Kemumaki - Played drums from 1998 to 2000

The background of this band is that the band was from the distant year of 2005, but record sales were poor in the future so they went back to the year 1997. That's a little out of date now.

Discography -

Yapuu ga shoukansareta machi (The Town Where Yapuu is Summoned?), September 9th 2000. PLASTIC MODELS kuro, July 31st 2001. PLASTIC MODELS gin, July 31st 2001. Fukigen na ANDROID (Ill-humored android?), January 11th 2002. PLANET, July 31st 2002. SELF CONTROL, September 14th 2002. Mittsu Kazoero (live only), February 15th, 2003. 1 metronome, April 2nd 2003. S.P.A.C.E! ROMANTIC! (CD+DVD), September 3rd, 2003. Mousou TRICK, February 1st, 2004.
Unknown - April 21st 2004. Ishuukan (comes with a PV), September 18th, 2005. COMPUTER (comes with a PV), October 21st 2004. LIFO, November 17th 2004. Oboro / Sora, August 3rd, 2005. ELECTRIC TRAVEL, October 5th, 2005. BOKU sonzaisetsu, May 2nd, 2006 (time travel theme perhaps?).

Links -

Official website:
Visual Shock Therapy:

I should eat dinner.

I walked to the post office today. Woo.

things done:

-Completed three band research-article-things
-Checked the mail
-...went on aim for like half an hour?

also, my cat needs to get 'fixed'.


i've fixed many cats in my time

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what kinda car u drive

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OMG TY! I have been searching all over the net for days to find anything on these guys and came up with only their site and a few rainbow bars. I am determined to get more information though. TY for making this post public!

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gosh.. thanks for share this about the guys! I love Sharaku and as [ profile] hentaithenshi said it's really hard to find info of them. Love ya!

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I love Fukusuke ever since he was playing for Picopico PON; but, since his favorite alcohol type is vodka at this age, he'll eventually qualify for a long term alcohol rehab center ( A long line of guitarists have been walking this path of alcoholism before him.

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