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So basically I was bored, and decided to research in advance, and was especially excited, as Malice Mizer is one of my favorite bands. XD

I took pictures from other websites, but I tried to give credit. >_< I also uploaded them to my own photobucket, so I don't steal their bandwidth or anything :o

Here's what I have:

Malice Mizer

(Credit to -scape-)

(credit to Neko no Yume)

(credit to Wotan)

(credit to B-ZONE)

The band disbanded on December 11, 2001, to 'suspend activities' and pursue solo careers. This is the list of the band's previous members, and the most recent ones.

(credit to Scars)

Yu~Ki - Bass

Birthday: August 8th
Place of Birth: Fukuoka
Height: 175 centimeters
Weight: 54 kilograms
Blood Type: A
Interesting Facts: As a child, Yu~Ki's idol was Bruce Lee. He actually made a pair of nun-chucks by himself. He also made the coffin that was used onstage in the early Malice Mizer days. He started playing bass in high school, and was so loud that the neighbors called the police on him. When entering Malice Mizer, Tetsu had left and they were so desperate for a singer that they asked him to sing. Yu~Ki likes French music, and dislikes gambling, alcohol and tobacco. He is straightforward and serious.

(credit to [Trash Kingdom])

Mana- Guitar and Synthesizer

Birthday: March 19th
Place of Birth: Hiroshima
Height: 173 centimeters
Blood Type: O
Interesting Facts: Mana loves women's fashion and classical music. Mana dresses up as a girl, but is not in fact gay; he just doesn't like men's clothing very much. He was never a big fan of J-Pop, but likes distorted guitars and the look of heavy metal. His parents bought him a folk guitar while he was in junior high, but he never used it and instead bought an electric one. His favorite color is blue.

(credit to 'Visual Rock' 2006)

Tetsu - Vocal (previously, left on December 27th, 1994)

Date of Birth: December 12th, 1972
Place of Birth: Tokyo
Blood Type: B
Interesting Facts: He was the original singer for Malice Mizer. It is unclear on whether he quit, or Mana kicked him out.

(credit to // . . Setsu's Network . . //)

Gackt Camui - Vocal and Piano (previously, joined in October 1995, and left in 1999 to go on a solo career)

Date of Birthday: July 4th, 1540 (or so he says)
Place of Birth: Okinawa
Height: 178 centimeters
Weight: 59 kilograms
Blood Type: A
Interesting Facts: He claims to be a 465-year-old vampire born in Norway, and that his body can be controlled by ghosts. He said that he became psychic after almost drowning as a child. He loves viewing nightscapes, playing the piano, drinking, reading books, and listening to music. He says that he has felt attraction towards all of the band members, mentioning Kami and Közi's names. His name is pronounced 'gack-toe'.

(credit to Visual Shock Therapy)

Klaha - Vocal (joined in fall of 2000)

Real name: Masaki Haruna
Birthday: May 3rd
Place of Birth: Tokyo
Height: 175 centimeters
Blood Type: A
Interesting Facts: Klaha joined Malice Mizer after his previous band Pride of Mind, replacing Gackt. He worked with them on their fourth album, Bara no Seidou. They also released a movie, "Bara no Knrei ~Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku~ " (Bridal of Rose). The band disbanded a little over a year after he joined. He went solo and released a CD on December 4th, 2002.

(credit to :: JaponOnline :: )

Közi - Guitar and Synthesizer

Birthday: May 29th
Place of Birth: Niigata
Height: 175 centimeters
Weight: 56 kilograms
Blood Type: A
Interesting Facts: Közi was never a good leader in school, and was only interested in music. He dropped out of school at 16. He's shy but always loved spending time with fellow band members. He believes that everyone should be optimistic. He doesn't like classical music; he was forced to play piano at a young age.

(credit to B-ZONE)

Gaz - Drums (previously, left on March 15th, 1993)

Birthday: February 1st
Place of Birthday: Gunma Perfection
Blood Type: O
Interesting Facts: He was the original drummer for Malice Mizer, and quit after a show. He and Kami traded bands; Kami joined Malice Mizer, and Gaz joined Kneuklid Romance.

(credit to -scape-)

Kami - Drums (previously, joined on March 17, 1993. He died from a subarachnoid hemorrhage in his brain)

Date of Birth: February 1st, 1973
Date of Death: June 21st, 1999
Place of Birth: Ibaragi
Height: 177 centimeters
Weight: 57 kilograms
Blood Type: A
Interesting facts: He loved learning about war, and his favorite captain was Shingen Takeda. Kami liked fortresses and the idea of seppuku. He owned over 80 bottles of perfume, but only wore 4. Kami actually died four days previous to the day he was found. He was only the age of 26 when he died, and he had a small funeral. The people to attend it were his parents, Mana, Közi, Yu~Ki, and a few friends. Kami's good friend Gackt had not heard about his death until later, as he was on a solo tour. His long hair was real, not fake.

The name Malice Mizer stands for 'Malicious Misery', and is pronounced 'marisu miseru' in Japanese. "MALICE MIZER" is defined as human nature by Mana. They were formed in August of 1992, by Mana and Közi. They were originally in a different band together, as Közi had recommended Mana as a supporting member, and they soon broke up half a year later. They decided to make their own band.

The band Malice Mizer is in the visual kei genre of jrock. They're known for dressing in elaborate costumes and dancing around the stage.

The band was at their peak of popularity while Gackt was in the group.

In 1997, the band became big enough to move from their independent record label Midi:Nette to major record label Nippon Columbia. Au Revoir was a hit song, hitting number 2 in the charts for a while, as well as their album Merveilles, hitting number 2 in the Oricon CD album chart.

The band was devastated by drummer Kami's death in 1999, and did not hire a new drummer in his honor. They only hired support drummers, such as a man named Shue, who was never credited. Kami was credited as ''eternal blood relative'' on all future releases.

Gackt left the band, taking a substantial part of the fanbase with him. He wrote an autobiography titled 'Jihaku', in which he described the circumstances of his leaving the band. He claims that he was angry and upset for the fans and left because Malice Mizer wanted to break up, but this view is highly controversial and doubtful because the band continued until 2001. He has become extremely successful, as he is one of Japan's top entertainers and TV personalities.

Mana has a side project called Moi Dix Mois, and Közi's is called Eve of Destiny.
Mana is also a fashion designer for Gothic Lolita fashion label, Moi-même-Moitié.
Tetsu has since been in bands Zigzo and Mega 8 Ball, and the most recent is called nil. Yu~Ki's whereabouts were unknown until 2004, when he came back as a lyricist for Közi's solo release "MEMENTO". Gackt was previously in a band called Cains:feel before Malice Mizer. Gaz is in a band called The Night Breeze Zinnia. Klaha was previously in a band called Pride of Mind. He went solo after Malice Mizer disbanded.

They have an official fanclub.


Their first album, Memoire, was released on December 24, 1994. The second, Voyage, was released June 9, 1996. Their third, and first major album was Merveilles (meaning 'marvelous' in French), by far the most popular CD, released March 18, 1998. They also made a mini-album in Kami's honor, on February 2, 2000, called God's Word (or Shinwa). And finally, Chapel of Rose (or Bara no Seidou), on August 23, 2000. They also released quite a few videos and singles, such as Au Revoir and Goodbye Blood and Rose.


Official website:
Mana's official website:
Gackt's official website:
Klaha's official website:
Tetsu's official website:
Közi's official website:
-scape-, a fansite:
Neko no Yume:
[Trash Kingdom]:
Visual Shock Therapy:
// . . Setsu's Network . . //:
'Visual Rock' 2006:

Wow, Sunday came so quickly.

[identity profile] 2006-04-30 02:13 pm (UTC)(link)
WOW!! o_O it looks WONDERFUL
i love all the pictures you added
you chose good pictures

btw :
picture 1) from memoire
picture 2) illuminati PV costumes
picture 3) bara no seidou period ...
picture 4) klaha period
picture 5) i think the other illuminati costumes (??)
picture 6) au revoir pv costumes
picture 7) yu~ki . gardenia costume
picture 8) mana, some time during bara no seidou ?
picture 9) tetsu (memoire of course)
picture 10) gackt wanting men to abuse him look
picture 11) klaha after they broke up (2002 + est. ?)
pic 12) kozi, unknown
pic 13) lol gaz
pic 14) kami

yea, not all of that was very useful
this girl i didn't know randomly added me today
her lj reads like william faulkner : dense stream of conscious

btw, download Moi dix Mois, its a bit like a harder Malice Mizer
if you combined the hardness of bara no seidou with the more melodic elements of
their other music its what you get. and lots of harpsichord. and drumming.
their best album is their first one, Dix Infernal

[identity profile] 2006-04-30 02:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Hehe, thanks, wasted a few hours on this XD

and yeah, I most definitely will listen to Moi dix Mois. I think you gave me a CD with them on it.


(Anonymous) 2009-08-01 10:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Kozi's the one who died and I found a number of inaccurate things on here...but I won't list them all since t would take too long.

Re: Inaccuracy

(Anonymous) 2009-09-18 11:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Fail. Fail. Fail.
Kozi is not dead. o.O

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